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Our Story

Starting in Waco Texas, Bens's bees is a family establishment, founded by my wife, Charlotte, and myself.  As we have grown, and expanded our daughter Megan, and her husband, Chris, have become very involved in all aspects of our operations. 

As a Christian based business, we strive to be involved in our community in sharing and teaching the word through our bees. As Christ has shown us, we show our love through creating a great customer experience, and positive atmosphere here at our apiary. 

Our family has always had a love for the outdoors. From an early age my father, a wildlife biologist, instilled in us a great appreciation for Gods creation and the joy of being a part of nature.  This love of nature has drawn me into the fascinating involvement of keeping and raising bees that are struggling in our world today. 


We have striven to expand the very best genetics we can find to do our part in ensuring bees continue to populate and thrive in our world.  We bring in breeder queens every year from VP Queens that have superior vsh genetics. We have treatment free genetics, that are proven to survive in difficult time of Varroa mites.

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