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Live bee removal and relocation

  • We offer the option of removing and relocating all bees no matter how defensive their nature. Our proven removal techniques will ensure that your bees are safely relocated and will not return! We can remove bees from just about any location.

  • After removing the bees from a structure, we remove all of the comb and honey, thoroughly clean the cavity, treat the cavity, and then seal everything back up. We use exclusion techniques when called for.

  • After we leave the job is 100% complete, we do all repairs, no other contractor needed! 

Agriculture Exemptions

If you have 5-20 acres we can assist you in obtaining an agricultural exemption.  You have the option of leasing or buying our bees.  We can assist in setting up your apiary and follow-up with quarterly hive maintenance checks if necessary.  Pricing will depend on the number of hives needed as well as location.  Call us for more information.

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Hive Checkups

We offer hive checks to provide assistance and information for new beekeepers. We also assist veteran beekeepers with difficult issues and struggling hives. During our maintenance checks we look at the overall health of the colony, resource stores, or any more issues. We offer quarterly and single trip hive checks; if set in quarterly basis we can provide feeding and treatments to ensure the health of the colony. 

Wax Dipping

We dip all of our wooden ware which extends the life and eliminates the need for painting. We provide this service to local bee keepers by appointment only.

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